Brand discovery, enlightened creative direction and visual evolution taking brands to their next destination.


– Julie Murnaghan

It’s been a joy working with The brand Edit... Sam and I are really excited to see REIGN’s branding in place and live on our site.”

– Kelly Sparks
Kelly Sparks LTD.

“I'm so pleased with my branding, thank you!
It translates my message
so well!””

"The Brand Edit's branding tools, creativity, flexibility and  personal-yet-professional approach helped me to streamline my ideas into one solid vision.

– Jessica McCannon Micheli
Green Italian Kitchen

“Your brand is so safe
in their hands
- The Brand Edit creates magic.””

– Sarah Tobin
Tapping For Mums.

“The highlight of my brand experience has been the quality of the product, but also that the process has been painless, in fact, really enjoyable! Because there is nothing like seeing your vision coming to life on the page in such a way that I know I could not have done myself.”  

My brand is looking great,
the products I can create going forward will be high quality and totally reflect the heart and soul of the business, who I am, and what I’m putting out
into the world…” 

- Dr. Caz Udall
Leadership Of Mums

– Ronan Cassells
Preach Deep

“I absolutely love it, it’s ideal. 
The colour scheme sets the mood perfectly.”

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